Rocky Motorcycle Club

Rocky Motorcycle Club General Rules of Conduct

  1. All riders must have a current Rocky Motorcycle Club Membership.
  2. Any rider under the age of 18 years must have signed consent from a parent or legal guardian.
  3. Participants must not consume or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs that could affect their normal mental or physical ability.
  4. Race participants may select the appropriate class to their ability; if the chosen class is deemed inappropriate by the Club executive, the participant will be advised accordingly.
  5. Any grievances in a race must be presented to Club executive, in writing, within 30 minutes of results being posted.
  6. No littering at race sites; use the garbage cans and dumpster or take it with you.
  7. Race participants may be removed from an event and/or the Club for breaking any rule of conduct or Table Top Raceway rule.
  8. Observed infractions to the rules of conduct must be reported to the Club executive.

Table Top Raceway Rules

  1. One key to the track will be issued per membership (family or individual).
  2. A lost key must be reported to Club executive; there is a $75 fee for a replacement key.
  3. Only members are allowed to be on the track area; spectators must remain in the pit area.
  4. Non-members found riding on the premises will be considered trespassing and the member allowing access to the track will have their membership revoked.
  5. Bikes may not be ridden outside the fenced perimeter.
  6. Helmets and boots must be worn by all riders when on a bike.
  7. No open fires on the premises.
  8. No littering; use the garbage cans and dumpster or take it with you.
  9. Observed infractions to the Table Top Raceway Rules must be reported to the Club executive.

Motocross Races

  1. All riders must start the first moto; no rider will be permitted to start the second moto unless they participated in the first moto.
  2. Points will be awarded on the finishing position for each moto. Overall finish will be determined by the total number of points received in all of the motos they participate in, with the lowest total being the overall winner.
  3. A rider must complete at least half of the scheduled number of laps to receive points for that moto.
  4. In the case of a tie in overall points, the rider with the higher placing in the last moto will receive the higher overall finish position.

For an updated schedule of events check our events page.

Track Use

Current members of the Rocky Motorcycle Club have unlimited access to the track except for special events or while grooming is in progress.

Members Only

All riders on the track MUST have a valid Rocky Motorcycle Club membership.

Violators may be prosecuted

Track Rules

The club rules are given to All members and are expected to be followed by ALL members. If you have any concerns please contact a club executive member. View the track rules page....

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