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Ice Racing Meeting - Tuesday, January 9,2018

Posted 2017-12-09

Our next meeting will be scheduled for Tuesday, January 9, 2018 in Rocky Mountain House at the Walking Eagle Inn for 7:00 pm. Usually it is the first Tuesday of every month but it being during the holidays we figured we would get a better meeting turn out hosting it the following Tuesday. This will be our last ice racing meeting before our first event which is scheduled for Sunday, January 14 at Pigeon Lake so a lot of organizing will need to be completed at this meeting to make sure we are all on the same page. The more volunteers and members we get showing up at the meeting the better!

2017 Memberships

Posted 2017-09-06

Memberships are now HALF PRICE FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON! Available at Glenn's Sports Line and Gateway Sales and Service in Rocky Mountain House, Twisted Shifter and Rainy Creek Powersports in Eckville. Highly recommended for all interested in supporting our club to purchase a membership this year instead of day passes so we have a bigger voice in the worlds of offroad & mx, especially with what all is happening right now with land closures in our Province. Let's pull together as one, have a stronger voice and stand together for what we all passionately love to do. Memberships will be priced the same as last season: SINGLE = $50.00 , FAMILY = $100.00. These discounted prices will be good until end of day February 28, 2018 as our new membership year starts on March 1, 2018.

Email Updates

Posted 2017-03-10

We are aware that not all of our club members are a part of social media so it has been decided upon at our last meeting that if you are an existing member or choose to be a future member you will receive emails from the Rocky Motorcycle Club only in regards to upcoming events, and important notices. You can decide to opt out of this option by responding to the email sent stating you would like to be removed from the list. I strongly suggest that all members stay a part of it because you are a part of our club and keeping you informed is our goal.

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