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Track Status     Posted: 2016-06-28


The Track is open for members.

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Latest News

Ladies Enduro Clinic

There is a possibility to have a endure clinic for interested ladies. It will be on Sept 17/18th and will be 100/clinic. Lexi will be the instructor. Any ladies interested please contact Amber.

Emergency Contact List

We are looking to put together a list of members who are interested in being on a Emergency Contact List. In the event of an emergency in the back country we will utilize this list to get together riders to go and assist an emergency situation with fellow riders. If you are interested in assisting in this manner please contact Amber to be placed on the list.

Gloomy Creek Harescramble CANCELLED

The ASRD will not give us authorization to run our event at Gloomy due to the heavy rains we have had in the last few days. We will be trying to reschedule the course for a later date. Please stay tuned for updates.


Unfortunately we will not be having a hare scramble at the Osborne's this year. However we will be having another race out at Ricinus August 20,2016

Hare Scramble Pre-registration

Anyone interested in pre registering for any Hare scramble can do so by contacting Amber Giroux at 403-746-5000 or by email at Payments are non-refundable and will be considered a donation in the event of missing an event.

Training Opportunties

We have lots of training opportunities this summer. 1.) May 7,8 Jared Stock will be hosting a MX/Enduro clinic at TTR. (Cancelled due to Fire Ban/OHV Ban) 2.) Jason Charge will be running a Red Riders clinic June 18th and possible June 19th (COMPLETED) 3.) Chris Birch will be running a offroad clinic Aug 5 & 6 at gloomy. 4.) Quinton Robin: Pro MX rider clinic August 7th. New date!! 5.) Ben Hodgson: (CANCELLED) 6.) Lexi: Ladies Enduro clinic. Contact Amber for more info. Please check our facebook page for contacts and most recent updates.

Race Schedule

Hare Scramble

Ricinus BackwardsAugust 20, 2016
GloomyAugust 7, 2016


Fall MXSeptember 17, 2016


Gloomy Harescramble August 7, 2016

Cancelled due to rain. Stay tunned for new date.

Fall MX Race September 17,2016

Our Fall MX race will now be on September 17, 2016. Come out and rip up the track and have a fun day.

Ricinius Backwards

We will be doing Ricinius Harescramble backwards again this summer. We will be doing it on August 20, 2016

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